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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I use the different areas of the Storefront?

When you want need items for a team event, meeting or giveaways and you need them quickly, you can order from the items available on the Uteam Managers’ Store.  These items are all in inventory in Charlottesville and can be delivered to any UVA location on the Brandscape Charlottesville delivery route usually within two business days.  If you are ordering from a remote UVA location, your order will ship to you.   You must use a PTAO at checkout to pay for the items you request.   The shopping cart will reflect the amount your PTAO will be charged.  If your order needs to ship, the shipping charges will be added.

If you need a larger order of items than those available or something that is not in the Uteam Managers’ Store, you can find a large selection of items that are approved by the UVA Health System Marketing department in the Custom Branded Orders Store.  These items are NOT in inventory and are produced once you place your order.  In some cases you can add department or event information to these items.  Marketing and Licensing must approve these items before the orders are sent to production.  

How do I get access to the Uteam Managers Store or Custom Branded Orders?

UVA Rewards and Recognition department provided a listing of all managers who are authorized to order and which were loaded into the system.  Each manager on the list was sent an email invitation to activate an account on the Storefront.  If you did not receive this email and feel you should have access to these stores, please contact

Can I order items other than those available in the Custom Branded Orders catalog?

Yes, you can.   Please contact us at with your request.  We will work with you and the UVA HS Marketing and Licensing department to ensure the items you select meet brand standards.

How do I provide my artwork?

The items on the Urewards Exchange and the Uteam Managers’ Store are all printed as displayed on the site and are already in inventory and are ready for delivery.  There is no need to provide artwork.

If you are ordering from the Custom Branded Store, you will select from the approved logos on the site.  If you want to add a department designation along with the logo and it is not in the approved list, please enter the information you want in the special instructions at checkout and you will be contacted for more information when the order is received.

How do I pay for my selections?

There are different payment methods depending on which catalog you are accessing:

Urewards Exchange: use your point cards:

  • 1 Point Peer to Peer cards
  • 1 Point Birthday cards  
  • 5 Point Ureward cards
  • New 20 Point Ureward cards

Uteam Managers Store: use your PTAO to make your purchase.

Custom Branded Orders: use a UVA purchase order or UVA credit or P card.  

Can I combine items from the different stores and pay for them all at one time?

You cannot combine items between the different catalogs because they all require different payment methods at checkout.  

When and how is my order delivered?

Urewards Exchange: these orders will be delivered on a weekly basis.  You must provide your physical business delivery address if location is off grounds or your UVA HS PO box if on grounds at checkout.

Uteam Managers’ Store: these orders will be delivered on a weekly basis.  If you need delivery by a specific date, please indicate the date at checkout. You should always provide the day or two before your event.  You must provide your physical business delivery address at checkout.

Custom Branded Orders: these orders will be shipped to a physical business address based on the shipping method you selected at checkout.  Orders are shipped based on the production information on the product page on the site.  If you need delivery by a specific date, please indicate the date (the day before your event) by adding a Need By Date and provide and related information in the special instructions at checkout.

Inventory Releases: these orders will be delivered on a weekly basis.  You must provide your physical business delivery address and PO box at checkout.